Memoirs of Anesha is my personal look-book for self-professed, PR-savvy, city-slickers like myself (or those secretly wishing to be!).

You have come to the right place if you are looking for ideas and inspiration on how to emulate some of the most current urban trends. It is my personal belief that this can be achieved at any size.

I’ve been blessed with having access to the best of both worlds – having my pick of daring fashions from stores that carry both straight and plus sizes. By way of this blog, I strive to promote size diversity in any way I can!

I’m always open to new and fresh ideas for collaborations and sponsorships. If your brand of art matches my M.O., HOLLAAA.

Please note that all written content is my own unless otherwise stated. I also do not alter any of my photos to misrepresent my size.

Contact: anesha.roberts@gmail.com