Sunnies Trend Watch @ Josephson Opticians












Photos by Nancy Iaccouci

I recently had the chance to stop in at Josephson Opticians in Yorkville to try on some super cool sunnies and frames that I think are must-have trends for the season. The store boasts chic and funky pieces from iconic designers whose designs often surpass the styles of many mass-produced pieces and brands we might be more familiar with. The boutique proves to show that it’s not always about the name, but the quality in the product. Many of the pieces here are handcrafted using only the best of the best in materials. Here are my top picks for sunnies from the boutique.





Oliver Goldsmith – ‘Hex’.

I love these stunna shades. The design and themes of the brands various collections bring you back to some of the biggest celebrities of the 20th century whilst in their prime. Think: Grace Kelly. Peter Sellers. Michael Caine. Audrey Hepburn.


Chromehearts – ‘Fish Eye’

The designer behind the brand is known for naming various models in his various collections with sassy and sexy names; in addition to adding in celtic touches along the sides of all frames.


Sama – ‘Ashton’

These matte,  yellow gold stunna shades had my name all over them. Perfect for hanging on a patio or chillin’ by the pool.


Dita – ‘Burmilla’

Flesh-tone sunnies are most definitely in and hot ticket items right now. Doesn’t matter your skin tone – they flatter any face.


Mykita Mylon – ‘Truman’

Another flesh-tone pair of sunnies for the win!

Which is your fave? Stay tuned to see what other frames I liked for daily wear. I’ll soon be launching a giftcard giveaway to this lovely boutique!

4 thoughts on “Sunnies Trend Watch @ Josephson Opticians

  1. As a man of colour, I find your use of the term “flesh tone” offensive. I believe you are a small minded person if you think one pair of peach sunglasses can be defined as flesh tone.

    • Gerald,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, and to leave feedback. While I appreciate your views, I have no quam with the term ‘flesh tone’. Flesh tone is subjective – as there are a variety of tones; none of which I intended to have labelled or defined to be one as opposed to another. It’s also meant to refer to various shades of nudes and neutrals by which the item in question applies.

      Hollaaa 🙂

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