Whole ‘Lotta Harem







Photos by : Ayanna Roberts

[Jacket: Forever21; (similar) / Top: H&M / Pants: Forever21 / Booties: Le Chateau / Clutch: Indigo (similar) / Ring: Foxy Originals / Necklace: RT_Co/ Armparty: Michael Kors; Aldo]

With every passing week I find myself turning to slouchy, more comfortable bottoms for an outfit. It doesn’t get any better than jazzing up what feels like wearing the most comfortable sweats or PJ’s known to man. You can definitely be comfy and chic at the same time. I say go for it. And, can we talk about my hot booties? I scored these babies from Le Chateau for $39.99!!! You can also get them online for the same price. Go get ’em!

PS – this was my first time shooting with my new professional camera, a Canon Rebel T3. Anyone got tips? I’d love them all! I’m also a huge loser and still don’t know how to pose appropriately with the sun in my face, hence looking severely constipated. Haha! Thanks for stopping by lovelies/homies!

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