‘Giovane’ Part I: ‘Young Woman’

The name behind this post is ‘Giovane‘, which is very fitting, as the Italian word means ‘young woman‘. This is how I now confidently refer to myself. What a long… road it has been.


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IMG_5303 (1)

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Photographer: Alice Woods / Location: Lakeshore & Parklawn

Make Up Artist: Loide Adam

[Dress (2 piece): Dots Fashions (U.S.) / Jacket: Winners (old), but loving this / Shoes: Shoedazzle / Bag: Balenciaga (c/o Alice Woods) / Scarf: Sheena Winsome (old)/ Armparty: Michael Kors and Aldo]

I came up with this name and the idea for this project as a way to fully capture on film, who I am and how far I’ve come as a young woman of this world, a little more grown than the year before. I’ve made some stupid mistakes – things I’ve all recovered from – which to me, makes me feel like a winner – even if I wasn’t one at the time. I’ve come to love … my rolls and cellulite, often pushing the envelope in showcasing it just to tick other people off  in proving a point –  ha-ha! Who says you can’t be as fabulous in a double digit size as opposed to a 0? Who says?!

What does being a (young) woman mean to you?  And you, and you, and you?! 

To me, it means so many things. To be a woman of this world,  in my opinion – means that you are now somewhat strong – and have earned your stripes.  It means that you’ve suffered, slaved, and striven after being considered valuable, reliable,  and reputable – in a variety of circumstances.  We have all walked the lines of that road. Haven’t we? I use the word ‘we’ here loosely – because many boys growing into being men have had struggles of their own, only that their paths of trial and error are often glorified and deemed acceptable,  right?!

I think many young women fall so many times — and clumsily stagger to get back up, learning valuable lessons along the way. They make so many heinous mistakes when it comes to family, friends, and even love — some of them cringe-worthy. Maybe it’s maturity that makes us laugh at it now. But, as much as the embarrassment behind our various missteps is as clear as yesterday, and might sting a tad every now and again, can you say you’d really change a thing?  Maybe we might now, in retrospect, look at how we’ve lived our lives until now, differently; but I’m sure any grown woman has banked every experience in her life, regardless of how heinous, as something that has defined and molded her.  This is step one to the art of letting go of anything that’s hurt us tremendously. I’m sure this all sounds so cliche — but, it’s so true.

A young woman, overcomes the drama, breaks through the perceptions of herself from others by working hard, having a sense of independence, appreciates that self-improvement never goes out of style, CHERISHES family, soaks in the purest forms of joy that the little things in life brings, and tries her darn hardest to have a blast while doing it all. I sadly lost my father a few weeks ago, and I’m sure he’d be proud to know that I have come to these realizations, and that I’ll be working harder at living my truths. I’ve had some great opportunities and blessings come as result of doing the above. And, there isn’t another woman to which I wouldn’t give the same advice.

 The parties become boring, cat-and-mouse games grow stale, you’re no longer interested in putting more effort into things than you receive, and you’re totally okay with sharing your life with only a handful of people. Y’know, they say — the petty trash over time no longer matters anymore. And, I couldn’t agree more. Hell, I’m living life in the fab lane – and what are you doing? 

Here are some more beautiful photos from my shoot!


4 thoughts on “‘Giovane’ Part I: ‘Young Woman’

  1. What a great post! I really appreciate your expression of who you are today and how you don’t need to be 0 to be fabulous. keep up with the great posts.

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