#thewaywewear : Transition Style





Ahhh. That awkward transition between summer and fall. What the heck do you wear? How do you make a smooth transition between both? This is something that everyone does differently. Another local blogger, the lady behind Toronto Shopoholic suggested a few of us show how we would rock an outfit that showcases a smooth transition between summer and fall styles. I was up for the challenge.

 [Jacket: Forever21+ (plus); but loving this!/ Top: Bluenotes / Pants: Material Girl / Booties: Suzy Shier; but loving this / Armparty: Michael Kors, Sira & Mara, Aldo Accessories / Clutch: Boohoo Canada]

Everyone knows I love leather, and think it can easliy be incorporated in almost any look — this look was no exception. For cooler mornings, I would opt for a leather or pleather jacket. And, by noon, when the temperature heats up — why not ditch the jacket and opt for showing a bit more skin with a sleeveless shirt? I though the sequined booties were a perfect fall-like addition to include. Another alternative, although a bit risky now, with the cooler temps, would be to rock a similar look (as pictured above) with a denim short.

Tell me, how do you rock and incorporate a summer to fall transition outfit? I WANT TO KNOW!


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