Lace-y Sunday






[Top: Winners / Jeans: Forever21+ (PLUS) / Shoes: Zara (old); but they’ve got these now / Bag: Steve Madden (old); but this is hot! / Armparty: Michael Kors x Aldo Accessories x Sira & Mara]

Photos by : Ayanna Roberts

Who doesn’t love lace?! It’s a great way to piece together a more soft and pretty look (yes, believe it or not, I do have those). I purchased this with the plan to wear it to the office, and in a more casual setting.

These jeans are currently the ONLY ones I own – can you believe that?! As mentioned in a previous post – I find jeans to be one of the hardest pieces of clothes to shop for successfully.   Although I snagged these jeans in a heartbeat because they fit so well … I’M TOTALLY UP FOR JEAN SHOPPING WITH ANY OF YOU LOCALS THAT ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!!!

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