You Know I Be the Cream of the Crop

This post is for all of the ladies who have struggled with their weight and/or body image issues their whole lives, for women who have received scars of a warrior in a birthing unit, and for the homegirls who were always told by their friends: “You shouldn’t wear that”.






[Pants: (old) Urban Outfitters; but you can get these / Crop Top: Mendocino / Clutch: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: (old) Steve Madden / Armparty: Michael Kors x Aldo x Sira & Mara

Photos by: Candy Valentino

I know what some of y’all are already thinking: “Midriff? Really? What was she thinking?!” – Dang, it was obvious the salesgirl at Mendocino thought the same when she saw that I picked up this lace-y crop top . I was thinking – WHY NOT?!  I don’t believe that you have to be waif to attempt pulling this trend off. I think that wearing crop tops and midriffs (within reason) can be done in a chic and tasteful way. The person I feel best rocks this look is none other than Gabi Fresh. Since I can merely only dream of being as fabulous as she, this is the look I came up with for myself – perfect for a night on the town, or dining with friends.

Rock on. Be fabulous. Love yourself.


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